Home Websites Like Jerkmate Offer Top Tools For Jerkers

Websites Like Jerkmate Offer Top Tools For Jerkers

Websites Like Jerkmate Offer Top Tools For Jerkers

Websites similar to Jerkmate are much better than adult webcam you masturbate on now. Discover its pros and cons here!

List of the Best Jerkmate Alternative Websites 2021


The live porn universe is much bigger than you can imagine. A hundred clones of free Jerkmate alternatives are created every day. Some of them are really worth spending your time on. And some of them are regular scams. So what should you do if you are tired of all that gorgeous live porn from the popular adult social media and prefer to watch something else? You should draw your attention to some alternatives. Here, you can find only sites that could be better than Jerkmate due to the next factors:

  1. Prices.
  2. The smoothness of the Stream.
  3. Library of girls.
  4. Additional features.

And many other things, which are not important for newbies, but very important for the experienced live porn viewer!

The first site, which is still worth your attention is Jerkmate, that’s understood. The main question — are there any good Jerkmate alternative sites in existence? Honestly — we can’t give you a simple answer. See, we have a mixed impression.

On the one hand, Jerkmate, as your main lust provider, has perfect design, average prices, and not a bad library of girls. And most of the models are really hungry to show you something spicy. But on the other hand, you can’t find anything special. This is an average site with average features. Nothing special. So you should choose it in case you want to watch all the shows in one place and aren’t interested in Jerkmate alternatives. But what if you try to find a new girl who you have never seen before? Then, head over to our aggregated list, which we’ll offer you below with good alternatives to Jerkmate.

What sites are similar to Jerkmate?

There are so many websites like Jerkmate, as you may imagine. And you can lose yourself in all of the variety. That’s why we aggregate all the best choices for you and provide a short description of the features, prices, and other addictive but important things. They all can help you make the right choice. So, based on our first impression, the best alternatives to Jerkmate are the following:

  1. LiveJasmin.
  2. Stripchat.
  3. Camsoda.
  4. Flirt4Free.

They’re really good and worth every dime which you can afford to spend!

Main note. All of the described sites provide such good functions as:

  1. Full anonymity.
  2. Spying on the streams.
  3. Good quality and stable FPS.
  4. Possibility to hide your billing info.

So, all sites like Jerkmate generally offer you the same possibilities, which you can use anywhere!

LiveJasmin as site like Jerkmate

The first described site, which is very similar to Jerkmate, is LiveJasmin. This platform has a few unique opportunities, which you can use.

Firstly, all girls’ bios are perfectly optimized for tags. You can find who you want. It all depends on your tastes. You can choose your favorite model and add her to your tag list to watch much more public sessions with her!

Secondly, the site boasts one of the most extensive libraries for registered profiles. More than 30K registered profiles. More than 20K active users. More than 10k perfect shows every day. And this is really perfect, if you want to jerk off all day and all night.

And what about the girls, are they still worth spending some money on? It depends only on your tastes, but they never try to trick you by doing a slow show. All of them are hungry for real sex; thus, you shouldn’t care about anything.

So chill and prepare your cock for some long wanking! Oh… almost forgot — you can gain VIP status after your first payment. It doesn’t depend on how many tokens you buy — when you get the VIP status, you’ll come into the brave new world with all those addictive sluts. And when they see that you are a Very Important Person, they’ll make sure to show you their best!

Stripchat — not a bad Jerkmate alternative

If you’re not satisfied with the description of the previous site — you can try Stripchat as a site like Jerkmate. This platform has another philosophy of service. They rarely provide something special or something nasty for you. But they make sure that all the services, which are very important to you, work perfectly.

Just see for yourself:

  1. If HD is offered — it must be True. Only 1080P with 60FPS. It’s smoother than taking a virgin!
  2. If girls are performing — they should be adorable or gorgeous.
  3. If you’re looking for something spicier, you can find it in the additional category.
  4. If you’re watching a fully secure show, no one will know what you (and they) did last summer.
  5. If girls publish their shows to the public, you can watch it for free for real.

And of course, the prices stay low — they are borderline free! So if you’re looking for the cheapest elite-oriented site with perfect service and the best scores from users — Stripchat is your choice!

Only one thing you should keep in your mind — their reputation leads to good user traffic. That’s why sometimes your favorite girl may be busy with other clients. So please, don’t get angry! Just chill and wait, or check out other sites like JerkMate in our list!

CamSoda — Entirely similar to Jerkmate

Compared to other websites like Jerkmate, Camsoda looks really different. Yes, this is still a perfect adult webcam site, where you can jerk off all day and all night, and stop only when you’re out of cum.

But definitely, if we compare Jerkmate and Camsoda more concretely, we’ll find out that the Camsoda presents additional options and features which can make you much happier than usual.

All those features come from the freemium part of the site. So here you can find a lot of addictive things. How about watching for free:

  1. All the public images of the chosen girl. And if you add her to your friendlist, you’ll get access to her private photos.
  2. Watching all recorded sessions for free. Not many girls record their streams, but when they do, you can watch them again and again.
  3. The perfect bio. You can learn all about the chosen girl. From her real name to her preferences in the kitchen.

And this is just a small bit of the features that are available on this site. So if you want to taste them all, you should register there and enhance your sexual adult cam experience!

Flirt4Free — if you’re still looking for free websites like Jerkmate

Last, but not least on our list of sites that are like JerkMate is ImLive! The first and main thing you should keep in mind about this platform — the poor flow of models. And what does this mean for the regular member?

It’s simple to explain. The fewer the regular members on the site, the hungrier the models there. They’re just waiting and waiting to show you something hot and adorable. And this is really a significant advantage of Imlive compared to all of the other sites like Jerkmate.

But this is not the only reason why you should choose Imlive as your main lust provider. But still, here you can find things like multi rooms and 4K streams as well.

And don’t forget about exclusive candy shows that are available only for local currency, called “treats.” You can spend just a dime and find something very exotic here!

So which site like Jerkmate is the best?

After reading this article, you’ll know many more free websites like Jerkmate. Yet, the main question is still the same — are they worth spending your time, costs, and energy for regular girls who can be found near you?

It’s hard to answer this. But there are a few advantages to giving other platforms, which are similar to Jerkmate sites, a chance.

  1. Fresh girls.
  2. Fresh features.
  3. Loyalty program.
  4. Other ways to cut your costs, like the bonus program.

But if you’re still waiting for the best girls — all of them can be found only in one place. And this place is called the Jerkmate website. But if you are tired of them — make the right choice and never visit suspicious sites. We aggregate and check all the trusted sites to keep your security, save your time and nerves, so be safe!

Jean-Pierre Armand
Chief Editor
Jean-Pierre Armand is a French pornographic actor.